Fadr API Billing


Aug 22, 2023

Some endpoints in the Fadr API incur a cost. At the moment Create Stem Task is the only paid endpoint.

Create Stem TaskUS$0.05 per minute of audio

Create Stem Task includes:

  • Separation into the 5 primary stems (vocals, drums, bass, melodies and instrumental)
  • Midi of the vocals, drums, and bass stems
  • Midi representing the chord progression
  • Key and tempo detection

You will be billed for your API usage when your balance exceeds your billing threshold and/or when your subscription renews.


Costs incurred for Fadr API usage are added to your API balance. You can see your current API balance on your account page in the API tab.

Billing Threshold

Your billing threshold starts at $10. Your billing threshold increases the more you use the API. You can see your current billing threshold on your account page in the API tab.

When your API balance exceeds your billing threshold, your account will be billed. A successful transaction will reduce your API balance by the amount of the transaction.

Subscription Renewal

A Fadr Plus subscription is required to use the Fadr API - learn more. Every subscription payment comes with API credits. When your subscription renews, two things will happen:

  1. You will be billed for your current API balance if your API balance is greater than US$1.00.
  2. Your account will be given up to $10.00 of API credits to a maximum of $10.00.


API credits can be used to cover API usage, preventing your balance from increasing. API usage will decrease your API credits. Once your API credits reach $0.00, your API usage will bill to your balance.